A student party so good they made it twice. KAN is back and even better, now joining forces with USM this election cycle to campaign for a better UM with 6 main pillars: 1) Collaboration, 2) Sustainability and Social Responsibility, 3) Education & Employability, 4) Participation, Communication & Transparency, 5) Diversity & Inclusivity, and 6) Wellbeing.

We take pride in having achievements we can account for: With SOSMaastricht we’ve attracted the attention of newspapers such as LeMonde, RTV Maastricht and DeLimburger. We provided temporary housing for over a 100 students, and helped some to find permanent housing through working with Maastricht Housing on any openings. We know the ins and outs of housing policy, having communicated with Vivianne Heijnen, housing policy officers of the Municipality, and housing policy officers of the University. We provided solutions, and lobbied in the Municipality Council meetings, and University Council meetings. Our proudest achievement is the continual pressuring for an increase of more short-term container housing in Maastricht for students resulting more than 600 additional units being currently constructed.

Through 56hourrule.nl We collaborated with the Maastricht University legal affairs team, and had the Dutch government admit that there is an issue with the 56 hour criteria as regards the information, and continuous pressuring and research, we’ve had the issue broadcasted through the LSVb and ISO. The system is changing together with the national campaign not my debt. We have been fighting for our rights as students.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Green Office, we created the Sustainability Week, attracting student organizations and businesses together through different events to promote different issues and interesting projects surround sustainability. An event that will become an annual occurrence.

This year is focused on issues such as housing, student wellbeing, combatting sexual harassment in the University, as well as increasing accessibility of education, we hope that we can provide future students a University experience without the issues we’re all aware of and have, unfortunately, lived through ourselves. 

Some of our main running points are:

  1. Updating and reworking the current sexual harassment policy present in the university, and providing students with necessary guidance, help and support in cases where they might have been victims of sexual harassment and assault. 

  2. Through SOSMaastricht, we’ve learned a lot about the complicated and very often difficult housing situation in Maastricht for students. Due to this we wish to promote a more active stance of the University in these matters - participating in the future development of the municipality to support the growth of the University, providing support for students who have encountered scams, issuing warnings during moments when the housing market is facing unpredicted pressure, and more. 

  3. Reworking UM policy, guidelines, code of conduct, charters, announcements to be gender-neutral in their addresses, to align ourselves as a progressive university.

  4. Further promoting sustainability and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals within the University.

  5. Fighting for more transparency of both internal and external functioning of the University. We as students have a right to know how our university operates, and how it conducts itself, as members of the community. 

  6. Language courses for students should be subsidized, as well as the University should promote profession and faculty specific language courses, such as business language courses in SBE, legal language in LAW, and so on and so forth.

  7. Providing more international, especially non-EU students the opportunity to receive financing to pursue their studies at UM, such as through scholarships.

And so much more, we’ve created a comprehensive and detailed list of things we wish to achieve as a long-term strategy, and we hope you’re on board with what we have to offer. If you’re interested to learn more, we very kindly invite you to see our manifesto. Let’s build a more safe, enjoyable and sustainable university experience for ourselves, and future students! Vote KAN & USM.

Ernest van Nispen tot Pannerden

Ernest van Nispen tot Pannerden

Hey, I’m Ernest (23)! In my first year, an electric bad weather cloud from Mario kart would often be flying above my head. Growing up means for me realising that many people are often misunderstood.

Reality Kick 1: I’m in need of lifelines and I’m not the only one. 

Reality Kick 2: We don’t have infinite food, water, people and time

I'm staying afloat by building on what I love, 
By Being open to explore,
By letting go of heavy weights,

Now I put my sunshine rays up one ray at the time. One day at a time. 

Lilly Schröder

Lilly Schröder

Hello again! I am Lilly, 21 years old and I will already be in my third year of Psychology starting next September. Over the past year, I have put a lot of time into the Faculty Council to try and make our Faculty a place where everyone feels welcome and has a pleasant time. I would love to continue this work to finish all of the projects that were started, now that I have collected some experience already. I hope to see many of you on campus, now that we are finally able to be back!

Nathan Lassen

Nathan Lassen

I'm Nathan, 23 years old and in my 4th year of psychology. Miscommunication with the university cost me an extra year, which is why I believe communication and information should be clear and accessible. My experience in political groups has taught me to navigate controversy while constructively engaging. I believe UM, while amazing in principle, still has a long way to go. I want to stimulate intra-university communication as a means to enhance student wellbeing and engagement. I am running with KAN Party to support the communication of what’s there already and of new ideas to come. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

Hannah Finklenburg

Hannah Finklenburg

Hey again! I’m Hannah, in my second year of studying psychology.

This year, thanks to your votes last year, I could stimulate the first discussions and actions on becoming more sustainable as a faculty, by building up the FPN Sustainability Platform. Additionally, to teach students how to apply psychological knowledge to mitigate climate change, we are creating the “International Psychology and Climate Change“ elective. I would love to continue this work next year, and further focus on the training of staff/ tutors to create an inclusive atmosphere at our faculty. 

Also: Want to join this? Reach out to me :)

Felicia Mayer

Felicia Mayer

Hey, I‘m Felicia, 19 years old, and studying psychology. I really enjoy spending time in the nature, doing sports and being creative. It is my first year here in Maastricht, and I am really looking forward to represent you in the next faculty council. Let's strive for a more sustainable and inclusive university.