Progressives Unite! NovUM is the progressive student party at Law and in UM.

A vote for us, is a vote for:

Academic functions

  1. We want to improve the feedback mechanisms and introduce equitable grading and feedback 
  2. Offer options for minor programs and exchange opportunities abroad embedded in the bachelor degrees and advocate for a university-driven internship program
  3. Promote the transparency of the faculty council and instil mechanisms that allow the students to partake in the faculty decisions and host regular information events 
  4. Advocate for observing seats for first-year students in the council 
  5. We want to advocate for changing the gambling correction for the courses where the multiple choices are not just testing the knowledge but requiring analytical answers. 


  1. A student-driven mentor program that offers social inclusion to new students upon acceptance to their program 
  2. Encourage the continued existence of mentor classes and promote an increase in frequency for students that have received a negative BSA. 
  3. Disseminate more widely the existence of the social services that exist at the UM and enhance the projects that target the students’ well-being and enhance student inclusivity.
  4. To create more study space for ensuring an appropriate study environment 
  5. To reduce the negative effect of BSA students through positive reinforcement mechanisms and making sure it is not constantly being used as a threat tool.

Internationalism and Inclusivity

The University of Maastricht is an international university where half of the student body mass comes from countries outside of the Netherlands. We want to assist the international students before and during their stay in Maastricht to improve their overall study experience. 

  1. Introduce a language tandem programme for the exchange of the wide range of languages at UM
  2. Provide coordinated information addressing all practical matters of relocation to the Netherlands upon acceptance to the faculty 
  3. Encourage the establishment of an English-run student association
  4. Make the International Student Helpdesk more available and accessible to the students 
  5. Design spaces designated for prayer in the libraries 
  6. To provide our diverse student body with various food and dietary options for inclusivity for all preferences 

Last but certainly not least

  1. Move the piano from the faculty learning space
Derek Paing

Derek Paing

If elected, I will fight for:

  • The abolition of the gambling correction.
  • A more equitable method of conducting and grading exams.
  • Mandatory feedback for mandatory assignments.
Hanne Thomassen Inderhaug

Hanne Thomassen Inderhaug

I will fight for: 

  • More transparency between faculty and the students 
  • Improvement of the feedback mechanisms 
  • A student-driven mentor programme 
Justin Stevens

Justin Stevens

  • Development of pleasant study environment;
  • Protection of privacy (anti-proctorio)
Sil Peeters

Sil Peeters

I will fight for:

  • Enhanced internationalism, by incentivizing minors at universities abroad which will come as an enrichment to your academic career 
  • Improved communication, by setting clear guidelines which tutors can follw regarding the use of electronic communication methods
  • Increased sustainabiliy, because why not?
Cihan Sahin

Cihan Sahin

dos Santos

dos Santos