KAN we change it? Yes, we KAN!

KAN is an international community and student party at UM. We ensure that YOUR voice is heard and that UM is held accountable.

Standing united for people and planet, our main priorities are: 

  • More and better accessible study spaces

  • Affordable and healthy food at the cafeterias

  • Reflection weeks for every program 

Furthermore, we will continue advancing the following topics in the councils:

  • Sustainability & Climate Justice: Phasing out of fossil fuels, improving flight policy, and increasing energy efficiency.

  • Diversity & Inclusivity: Promoting and attracting diverse backgrounds and improving learning accessibility.

  • Wellbeing: Mental health, housing, and sexual safety: Introducing new initiatives and increasing support facilities and resources.

  • Education and Careers: Ensuring equitable access to career services and platforms, as well as a future-proof curriculum.

  • Community and Internationalization: Easing international arrival and integration within the local community and realizing more cross-faculty collaboration.

We believe that social responsibility goes hand in hand with a thriving university.

Check our website for much more policy insight and faculty specific plans: 2024 Campaign.
Reach out for any concerns via social media or on our website.

Let’s make UM a better place together!

Matthieu M

Matthieu M

  • DACS Student (Computer Science) - BSc first year
  • UCM student (Biology + Social Science) - BSc third year
  • I organize outdoor excursions for UM students

Some campaign interests

  •  Seeking out what students need through regular surveys/focus groups/coffee chats (tell me anonymously by copy-pasting this link into your browser: http://tiny.cc/kanfse)
  • Improve educational practices 
  • Make mental, physical and chronic health resources more accessible
  • Foster rich student communities that organically generate self-support
  • Rapid-reaction student advocacy task force for urgent issues (bad courses, complicated situations)

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in

Cassidy Hemmers

Cassidy Hemmers

Hello everyone! I am Cassidy, a second-year UCM student focusing on Peace and Conflict studies. I enjoy going to the gym, participating in debates and traveling.

I am committed to increasing awareness for and support of mental health issues that students are facing at UM. This includes the promotion of student counseling throughout FSE, such as advocating for more flexible attendance policies. If you ever want to chat, you will probably find me in the ICL with a coffee!

Vjosa Shabanaj

Vjosa Shabanaj

I’m Vjosa, and I’m studying Computer Science. My parents are from the Balkans, but I completed my secondary school education in the area.

As a new KAN member, I seek to simply be a student representative; to listen to and act upon the needs of students, keeping the party’s values in mind as guidelines.

I’m committed to fair treatment primarily, by and of students and staff alike, and I’m also concerned with economic obstacles that lead to inequality in academic opportunities. Universities should never prioritise profits at the cost of student well-being.

Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer

Hey I'm Ben,
a third year business engineering student. I'm into sustainable manufacturing and how we empower our next generation consumers and producers to act sustainably. I think the uni needs to allow technical students to be more creative (open programmes), flexible, and with lots of opportunities. I hope you will want to build on the KANunity as much as I could :) Vote KAN