The staff council looks after the well-being and interests of the employees and promotes openness, publicity and mutual consultation.

This is what FOum stands for: For Employees! We listen to you, to your input about the day-to-day running of the workplace and in your home office. For example, what about everyone's well-being after the past 2 Corona years and what have you missed or what do you need? Is your workplace in order, according to the Arbo regulations?

The agenda is based on your input or the input of your department. Always with matters that are important to the employees themselves. My strength is that I look at the organization with a fresh, and above all open, view and that I am a good representation for you as an employee.

We are here for you. It is important to know that everyone has a voice, regardless of position/age/gender. Does this appeal to you? You can still join FOum. Please do! We are only stronger then.

Christianne Knaapen

Christianne Knaapen